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Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. Parents need to know that this movie contains lots of nudity and some sex, lots of foul language, and characters who drink and do drugs. There is also an ambiguous date rape and a brief racial slur towards the only black character in the entire movie. People are gutted, stabbed, impaled, torn apart, sliced open, burned, crushed, and killed in just about any way that produces lots of gushing blood.
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A gaggle of teen stereotypes also shows up in the middle of the battle, and they're promptly slashed and slaughtered. Directed by Ronny Yu. A young woman dreams that her father tries to kiss her and we see him trying to put his tongue in her mouth, then a man with a badly scarred face tries to kiss her in the same manner. A young man and a young woman appear to be having sex they are clothed , then the young woman is shown nude we see her bare breasts and dead tinged blue and the young man changes to a badly scarred man.
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While the US TV channel SyFy showed, among others, a movie like "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End" almost uncut apart from the ordinary censorship of foul language and nudity only brief shots of violence are missing , the movie "Freddy Vs. Jason" , pretty gory as well but always with a sense of humor, had it real tough. On top of that, often less explicit alternative footage has been used to edit the movie while at the same time avoiding jump cuts.
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Freddy vs. Jason aka Friday the 13th, Part 11 d. Ronny Yu, 97 minutes. Film Plot Summary The film's prologue opened with voice-over narration from Elm Street's notorious child abductor and pedophile killer Freddy Krueger Robert Englund , who had razor-sharp knives attached to the fingers of his right hand. He was in a basement where a furnace burned and melted the doll of a victimized young Little Girl Joelle Antonissen , who cowered in the corner.
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