Eva Green Caught on Camera in Russian Grocery Store (PHOTOS)

Eva Green Caught on Camera in Russian Grocery Store (PHOTOS)

Eva Green has been spotted and recorded on numerous phones in a village in the Moscow region. What’s going on?

Green was snapped in a Russian village grocery store by numerous surprised shoppers. According to Russian media, the strange visit happened in the village of Rayki, some 20 kilometers from Moscow. And yes, it was the real, flesh-and-blood actress and Bond girl, not a mere lookalike.

Green really is in Russia now, where she is shooting French director Alice Winocour’s upcoming film “Proxima,” in which Green plays the role of an astronaut training for a mission to the International Space Station. Come to think of it, next to Rayki village is Zvyozdny Gorodok, or Star City, Russia’s international astronaut training center — so perhaps her visit isn’t a coincidence at all!

Green and Matt Dillon, who also has a part in the movie, were just casually buying food, but willingly took photos with people who recognized them.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

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